The otherday I was out of commission pretty much. It’s been a week of putting off my workout plan. I got a very sore tail bone muscle.  I believe it was from sitting weird on a chair all day but it was enough to make cycling quite uncomfortable. I’ve stuck to just commuting to work for now but hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to get a 20 or 25 miler in.

This photographer has some great cycling shots. She’s a journalist/cyclist/writer/photographer in portland: http://www.flickr.com/photos/9393115@N07/sets/

If your looking for some cool bike blog’s check out this list.  And then when you click on the blog links..keep the blogroll going by clicking on the their blog lists…There’s more of a cycling world out there than you know.  Some of those blog’s however have become quite inactive. Just sift through them. My favorite are the car-free blogs. They motivate me to commute by bike.

The book came in at the library for me yesterday. Every Womans Guide to Cycling. Its a 2yr old book and so far im the only one to rent it. Hmm. Im only in the first chapter and I can say its a really good book. I recommend it to any chick (or heck a guy) that wants to know more about cycling. So far i’ve just read through the specifics of different bike styles which then goes in to explain the different kinds of frames (carbon, aluminum, steel, etc). Next up is components which i’ll be paying close attention to. I believe the author contributes to articles in Cycling Mag.

Tomorow Lulu will be getting a cleaning finaly. A very very past due cleaning. Confession? I havent cleaned her since I left Florida (over a year ago). Yikes! But then again I didnt ride much last year. However my crank is making noises and I dont know if its from a gunked up chain and chain rings or if something happening to the crank itself. We’ll be bringing our bikes in for a tune-up in the next few weeks though. Hopefully they can shed some light on that.


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