A beautiful day in April

Today was a very beautiful day. Temps peaking at 65 degree (f). Not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday was supposed to be my long ride but my butt couldnt take it and I Had an event to attend so I put it off till today. Just my luck because it wasnt as breezy as yesterday. The day started out by sleeping in with hubs, yay for no 4 or 5am wake up’s! Then he made mouth watering pancakes. Followed by Crispy Tofu Stir Fry for lunch.

I rode alone today because Robs on call for work and cant leave the house incase they call. So I did a 29 mile loop. The only thing I have to complain about are all the bugs. I was hit way to many times by big ole bumble bee’s. One smacked right into my cheek and stung (no not its stinger) like a mofo because of our collided speeds. The air however was extremely fresh, aside from fertalizer…  There was this smell in the air I couldnt quite place but it most resembled a fresh load of laundry to a hint. Im going to say its all tree’s blooming.

After I got home Rob got dressed and went out for a quick spin. Now its my turn to wait by the phone incase they call so I can call him. But now I must get dinner started. Cathy’s (Robs mom) Lasagna recipe 😀


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