‘It’ll get easier’, he says.

Wensday: 24 Miles.

Yesterday ride was murder to my legs. The day prior I was only supposed to do upto 20 miles but ended up doing 30 with my commute. I headed out right after work yesterday but knew it wasnt going to be a fun ride because I was tired from standing and working all day and I was hungry. Rob insisted I should not rely on the Power Gels for a boost so I just ate a powerbar instead. My speeds were half what they usualy were and my legs ached the entire time. Rob went ahead of me after a lap of base as I went my pokey speeds. By the last lap I was horribly craving food and I just wanted to stop and lay down in the grass. However the cold air pushed me forward and I rode home.

I didnt realize how much biking eats at your energy. I came home and immediately munched on sandwich meat by itself. How weird.  All I can say is thankgod its my rest day. My legs are killing me just sitting at the computer. Rob insists this is a good thing and in a few more weeks I shouldnt be feeling as bad as this…this is my second week.

I will also add that as I was riding it felt like I was sitting on a rock and not a seat.

Today also being my day off work (kick butt!) I plan to make my way over to the public pool a few towns over. Running would typicaly be my cross trainign sport but if my legs are going to be feeling this way I would prefer an easier alternative. So after a year of debating I am finaly going to swing by Cascade pool and see about using the lap pool. I dont know why i’ve been so hesitant. Because im in a different country and I fear I wont understand what the people are telling me lol. I seriously need to get my German down if we plan to stay here an additional 3-4yrs.


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