Cup of Joe Links 13-Apr

Today’s ride 24 Miles.

I had my first graceful fall on clipless pedals. How did it happen? Standing still of course…  I was pulling upto the house after today’s ride (which was chilly and windy by the way) when i rode up onto our cobble stone walkway. Only my steering sucked and I rode right onto the edge of the stones and grass where my tire dug into the dirt and I couldnt steer out. I immediatly unclipped one pedal but wasnt quick enough to get my foot on the ground and down I went. Thankfully I landed in the grass but of course as I was going down then my other pedal unclipped. I just layed there for a second laughing at myself. I’ve been avoiding this moment since I got these pedals almost 2yrs ago. It was bound to happen. Of course I had to do the look around to see if any of my neighbors gonna say I was in clear with this one lol. 

Be inspired women!,293730959

I got a new ipod touch and browsed for free workout log apps. I came across this site which seems like a good one

My semi-local area Im still waiting for my books to get in at the library… -if you feel like paying but packages allow viewing outside the US. And they dont play cycling on AFN. Im still looking for free sites (havent dug around yet),6610,s1-4-22-17208-1,00.html – backpain an issue I suffered from for nearly a year.



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3 responses to “Cup of Joe Links 13-Apr

  1. You were lucky on two fronts. It took me all of one ride to “forget to unclip”. I only had one witness, unfortunately it was a letter carrier that I supervised. I don’t think it took more than five minutes before the entire office heard about it via cell phone. Thankfully there wasn’t a video!

  2. Lol oh man. And them being non cyclist they dont understand the common clipless fall so of course word spread. My husband insisted when I got the clipless that I was going to fall shortly after using them. So I basicaly made it a goal to not fall just to prove him wrong. I’d say I did pretty darn good uptill today 😀

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