What a day

Yesterday Rob and I found another bike route. Did a 20 miler. All the rides we’ve done so far consist of taking this hell of a hill out of Spang town. Im sure with more takes at it, it will get easier. Then today we added to the yesterday’s route. We did teh 20 mile loop and then debated with etiher going for some laps on base or choosing somewhere else. I just threw Spiecher out there and off we went where we ended up getting distracted by bike route signs. Made for easier riding at least without all the traffic. In the end we came out near home. 30 miles in total. I dont know remember the 30 miler by heart but i’ve got the 20 miler down for future rides alone. This way im not stuck just riding on base.

We then followed up the ride by heading to the bases Outdoor Rec ‘bike swap’ get together where we watched Race Across The Sky documentary. Inspiring movie! Makes me want to give mt.biking a shot lol. We got some goodies too. I won gloves and a Sigma bike computer which I handed off to Rob because he’d get the most use out of it.

Now im simply beat. That ride this morning wore me out. I havent rode that far in quite a while..nor this consistantly in over a year seeing as I was out of comission most of last year because of my back. It feels good to be wore out from a ride. Tomorow is bike cleaning day. Rob thinks i’ll need a new chain and chain ring because i’ve neglected the cleaning for a while. Sandy Florida I blame you!



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2 responses to “What a day

  1. Cass

    There isn’t a pool nearby for you to swim in? I’d imagine that the base there should have an indoor one.

  2. Base doesnt have one here.

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