Its spring :)

Yesterdays ride: 19 miles. Rob and I decided to just explore for 20 miles. We ended up heading out of our town then through Spang Town, Picklessam (sp), which point we noticed we were right by the Thai Resturant we always pass when we drive to Bitburg. If we decided to do lunch there by bike one day we’d have to do about half a mile on the B50. We turned around when we reached the B50. On our way back I noticed a little bike route sign so we took that way back. It took us along farm fields ending up in back on Spang Town. We made a quick stop at the shoppette on base for spaghettie sauce and headed back home. 😀

Today’s Ride: 24.07. I had to go alone because we’re on opposite work scheduals. So I just did 3 laps of base. It was a slightly gruesome ride though. I think my legs were tired from riding last night and then again this morning. But I managed. Tomorow is my schedualed rest day. Though I think i’ll be commuting to work since Rob needs the car.

On my ride today I had 2 different people @ 2 different points nearly cut me off on the road. I came upto 2 seperate T intersections. Me being on the road that is the top of the T and them being the ones turning into my lane from my left. Eitherway they both pulled out on me exactly as I was passing by there street. On the last guy to do this I yelled ‘Seriously People!’. His windows were open so I know he heard me. I got his plates memorized if he does anything of the sort again to me. The first guy unfortunately I didnt cause he scared me pulling out on me like that. It was on base of course…. I just think its utterly rude. What if I had to swerve to avoid something? He would have hit me pulling into my lane.  Dicks, I say. Pure Dicks!

Alrighty. Shower and work for me now. Tootles.


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  1. Found your site through “lowest gear”. To quote a friend of mine giving advice to her daughter, “The world is full of assholes, The most you can hope for in life is not be one”

    Love Brandi Carlisle, but no Indigo Girls?

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