Cup-of-joe links

Ok seeing as im being speratic, im not limiting my cup of joe links to just monday..its whenever I get the chance to post them. So here’s this weeks Cup of Joe links:

Well im not that familiar with all the cycling races out there but theres no better way than to start reading what they’re about I suppose:

Tour de Flanders in belgium. Maybe Rob and I will ride the pre-race event next year. Me of course just trying out the 50k lol.

Flowers and Bicycles…maybe I should pimp ‘B’ out this summer.

Bike Noob has some suggestions for joining bike groups.

As I was browsing cookbooks at the library I decdided to see if they had anything about riding bikes in Germany…our library is limited on its selection but all base libraries in europe are interconnected which means if i see it in a different bases selection I can request it. So I found this book, though its slightly out dated, and put a request in.  Germany by bike: 20 Tours Geared for discovery. I’ll do further research on the tours once I get the book to make sure these area’s are still rideable.

I also put in a request for a womans cycling book. Figured i’d give it a shot and see what it has to say. Though Rob will probably tell me that I dont need it when I have him…but some things i’d like to figure out on my own. I mean come on…this week I changed a fuse in my car without his help. It was empowering LOL (4yrs w/o use of the cig lighter -AC plug- was long enough for me, and to think he wanted me to just bring it to mechanic to fix!)


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