Robs back and that means my source of bicycle wisdom back. He has made up a training plan for me. 4 rides a week. Starting out with 3 20 mile rides and ending the week with a 30 mile ride. He has this plan set up for 6 months. By the 6th month he has me riding 65 miles on the weekends. Should be an interesting training experience. He’ll be there to ride with me though so that’ll make it easier.

I’m hoping i’ll be good enough to ride the Tour de Flanders pre-race event next year 😀 Few people from the cycling group did it. Theres 3 different distances to choose from. 50k, 100k, and then another longer one which I didnt even look at lol.


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  1. Cass

    It’s been fifteen years since I was on a bike. It would be hard for me at first and goodness I would be so sore!

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