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Can I get a speeding ticket?

Is this a misdemeaner? I’ve had my Saber jersey for quite a while now but havent worn it till today (honestly I was waiting to fit into it again lol). I find that when you have a team jersey on more people stare at you.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding 2 of 3 laps with Sarah again. Always nice to have company!

Today’s ride was an exact duplicate of yesterdays minus the company. My average speed, time, and distance were exactly the same. Go figure huh. Guess thats a good thing though.

As I was riding I passed a base trooper that was monitoring speeds.  I passed them once and he yelled out ’29’ meaning 29 kph. My computer read 18mph. Good to know my computers accurate. Second time around I figured i’d speed it up a little incase they were there again. I had a pretty strong headwind so I didnt make much progress…he yelled out ’33’ kph this time. However my computer read 24 mph. Hm. One of ours is off. Encounters like that are fun. You know they have nothing better to do and find it interesting to see what speed a cyclist can get upto. I can often get 28 – 30mph on that road when the winds to my back, which it typicaly is, today was a rarety that headwind was on that side of base. As I was heading back home following a road just outside base I notice the guys busted someone. Oooo sucks to be that person! I wonder if I could get a ticket if I was going above the speed limit on my bike.

Saturday the husband and I are heading off to Belgium. The Outdoor Rec Center on base is doing a bus trip out to a Mountain Bike competition. Nobodies here is racing it..we’re all just spectating. I dont know much about the mt. bike scene but I think its a big race event. I’ll bring my good camera and post shots afterwards.

And..thats all for today. Temps peaked at 70 today 😀 Got some sexy cycling tan lines going. Im debating if I should  make tomorow a rest day or not. Its supposed to rain all weekend and it would be stupid to pass up another sunny day when the following days look crappy.



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Monday’s Ride.

Monday was my long ride. A total of 33.7 miles. Only about a mile and half shy of my goal of 35. My longest ride this year so far. My longest ride i’ve ever done was only 50 miles when I was at my peak in ’08. But its looking like i’m gonna be well beyond that by the end of this summer. Long term goal is to be in a few road races though I have to get over my fear of riding wheel to wheel and taking corners.

This week is my down week and all my rides are easy rides of 20 miles.

Well of course I took pictures on my ride. Beautiful landscapes, a few horses along the way, and a moment of zen as I ponder my future while eating an energy bar. lol.

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I Stand corrected.

I will first note that my husband was a bit offended by my post in stating that he had Compagnolo Veloce parts on his bike. Those are apparently the low grade Campagnolo parts.  When I first glanced all I noticed were the names of the brakes that are Veloce, which he plans to replace asap.  The rest of the parts are actually Campagnolo Record which he is very proud of. Im a bike was i supposed to know. Hubby now feels that the damaged on his frame is just paint. He works with Carbon Fiber all day long just not in bicycle form…so is more confident now that it is just the paint.

Today is to be my long ride for the weekend (yes monday and tuesday is considered my weekend! Thanks work..) But as Im getting up at 7am the temps are a bit on the cool side and its foggy as heck out. Thankfully im not planning to go till this afternoon. Yay for sun that stays up till 9pm.

My husband and I have been throwing around the idea of opening a bike Shop when he retires from the military. Me being the one to first mention it. He seems quite interested in the idea. He builds bikes as his side job right now and he really enjoys it. Now I know owning a shop is way more than building or repairing bicycles but I figure its worth a shot. I just have ALOT of learning to do when it comes to bikes. Plus I have a feeling i’ll be the main financial guru of the shop so I will need some schooling in that area. Rob plans on going on to one of those bike schools. We’ll see what life brings. Anythings possible.


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To kiss of Carbon Fiber

My husband is in a dilema. He purchase a used but in excellent condition Specialized Tarmac with very nice Campagnolo Veloce components. A pure carbon fiber frame. He took a fall on it last year but it appeared nothing was wrong with it. He took a nice long 102 mile ride on it yesterday. Got home and for some reason decided to inspect it. In doing so he realized a cracked on the frame below the crank. He is now in mourning with the fear that is deeper than just a paint crack. A trip to the local bike shop will determin the condition and wether or not he has lost his frame or not. Im a bit on the bummed side because it’s an expensive buy. But he insists that parts are worth more than frame. But thus is the chances one takes when getting a full carbon fiber frame. I still suffer from sticker shock whenever he buys new bike toys. However, a broken bike only means a new bike in the near future and he is in fact checking out new models already..still considering another Tarmac. :sigh: lol. That would make 3 new bikes this year already and we’re only into April. And this my friends is my husbands hobby and life.

Yesterday we went for a smooth 20 mile Ride in the morning. Heading out of town I made Rob stop to take my picture with the tulips. The photo doesnt do the flowers justice. They’re really pretty. Looks kind of blah in the photo’s though.

I finaly cleaned my bike after a horribly long period of bike neglect. I went a year without cleaning Lulu. Her chain and rings are now in pretty good shape but I noticed taht my neglect has caused some small spots of very minor rust on the chain. So sometime this year i’ll be getting a new one. I tried my best but riding in Florida has gotten sand stuck in spots I cant reach. Rob says I will probably need new chain components. Im learning. But because of the fresh clean and new oil I’ve earned my cyclist tattoo.





I had a fantabulous ride with a chick thats part of the Saber group. That was my first time really riding with another girl and with someone other than my husband! We did a pretty hilly loop which caused some slight torture to my back during the climbs but safe to say that my back did not suffer long once I got off the bike post ride. I’d say we’re pretty equal in our pace (though at times I can see where she’s got more years on teh bike than me). Its time I start taking to hills anyways. 20 milers are now my recovery rides and im riding the 3rd (heavy) ring alot more. I need more resistance and challenges. Tomorow im riding a 35 miler..though I have no idea where to.

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To Cargo or not to Cargo.

When Rob and I get back to the states (depending on where we get moved to next), I think im going to push the idea of a cargo bike. Knowing my husband it probably wont take much convincing. He’s for anything bike related. Then its all about choosing the bike. Do we want cargo in front or back? What style of cargo? what brand of cargo? How big of a cargo? Unfortunately it’ll have to either be his or mine seeing as we’re two totaly different heights. One frame would not work for the both of us. Oooor I could convince him to get 2 Cargo bikes.  Yes that sounds even better!

Can I be honest? As much as im enjoying my time in feeling horribly disconnected from the states. Im yearning to live in a bike friendly community stateside (think somewhere in my homestate Wisconsin, or perhaps Portland, OR). The region of Germany we live in is very beautiful and fun for long cycling rides but everything is so far apart from each other here that really you need car to get any kind of day to day things done. Its 20 minutes by car to reach the closest big city (Bitburg)..about the same for the other bigger city (Wittlich). Maybe it wouldnt feel so bad if we lived in say Trier or one of those bigger cities where everything is easily a bike ride away. What is a long term goal for me?….to be one of those car-free families (at least to the best of my ability, I doubt we’d ever get rid of our car completely). I feel hippyish that way but i feel its a realistic and healthy goal if you put in the effort. I havent discussed with the husband but again im sure he wouldnt argue with the idea at all. Seeing at he’s already trying to push me into commuting more frequently.

Kid friendly cargo’s:

Well I suppose he could cargo while I could use this for my weekly grocery trips or bringing the pets to the vet 😀

Now this one is downright Snazzy…

Woah this one could really replace a car:

Oh Man I’d totaly go for one of these:

Alright I could probably go on and on with links of cargo’s i’d like but you can do a search yourself at this site.

Oh and whats a bike that I want right now?  In the blue 😀 Ooo pretty.

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The otherday I was out of commission pretty much. It’s been a week of putting off my workout plan. I got a very sore tail bone muscle.  I believe it was from sitting weird on a chair all day but it was enough to make cycling quite uncomfortable. I’ve stuck to just commuting to work for now but hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to get a 20 or 25 miler in.

This photographer has some great cycling shots. She’s a journalist/cyclist/writer/photographer in portland:

If your looking for some cool bike blog’s check out this list.  And then when you click on the blog links..keep the blogroll going by clicking on the their blog lists…There’s more of a cycling world out there than you know.  Some of those blog’s however have become quite inactive. Just sift through them. My favorite are the car-free blogs. They motivate me to commute by bike.

The book came in at the library for me yesterday. Every Womans Guide to Cycling. Its a 2yr old book and so far im the only one to rent it. Hmm. Im only in the first chapter and I can say its a really good book. I recommend it to any chick (or heck a guy) that wants to know more about cycling. So far i’ve just read through the specifics of different bike styles which then goes in to explain the different kinds of frames (carbon, aluminum, steel, etc). Next up is components which i’ll be paying close attention to. I believe the author contributes to articles in Cycling Mag.

Tomorow Lulu will be getting a cleaning finaly. A very very past due cleaning. Confession? I havent cleaned her since I left Florida (over a year ago). Yikes! But then again I didnt ride much last year. However my crank is making noises and I dont know if its from a gunked up chain and chain rings or if something happening to the crank itself. We’ll be bringing our bikes in for a tune-up in the next few weeks though. Hopefully they can shed some light on that.

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A beautiful day in April

Today was a very beautiful day. Temps peaking at 65 degree (f). Not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday was supposed to be my long ride but my butt couldnt take it and I Had an event to attend so I put it off till today. Just my luck because it wasnt as breezy as yesterday. The day started out by sleeping in with hubs, yay for no 4 or 5am wake up’s! Then he made mouth watering pancakes. Followed by Crispy Tofu Stir Fry for lunch.

I rode alone today because Robs on call for work and cant leave the house incase they call. So I did a 29 mile loop. The only thing I have to complain about are all the bugs. I was hit way to many times by big ole bumble bee’s. One smacked right into my cheek and stung (no not its stinger) like a mofo because of our collided speeds. The air however was extremely fresh, aside from fertalizer…  There was this smell in the air I couldnt quite place but it most resembled a fresh load of laundry to a hint. Im going to say its all tree’s blooming.

After I got home Rob got dressed and went out for a quick spin. Now its my turn to wait by the phone incase they call so I can call him. But now I must get dinner started. Cathy’s (Robs mom) Lasagna recipe 😀

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