The roads were against me.

Distance: 17.38 mi
Ride duration: 1:17
Ave Speed: 13.5mph , Max: 26mph
Temp: 54 degrees F  Wind: 17mph gusts.

Ok so I peeked out the window this morning it seemed the clouds were clearing up so I got ready and headed out for a ride. The german weather however did its number it got cloudy again. I managed to get my ride in before it threatened rain though. As I headed out of my town however I forgot that they were doing construction so I had to hammer it as soon as I got the area because it was my lanes turn to pass. This did not farewell seeing as I had only woke up about an hour or so earlier. My lungs burned from the cool air and my legs said F-you. Then further along my route there 2 other minor road constructions which only left lots of mud, dirt, and stones behind. My bike needs a cleaning now.

 Wasnt that bad but now that im done riding im coughing up a horse. I’ve been tested for asthma a few times but there have been no results confirming I have it. I’ve been given inhalers though. Im debating going to the doc here to see if I could get a perscription for my time here. The only time I need it is if I do heavy lap swimming or cycling. Sometimes running will spark it but its never as bad as the other two. I can still breath fine when I get this cough (though there are the rare cases in which I cant)..prob one reason they didnt call it asthma..but I do get pretty wheezy with it. Sometimes a warm tea will settle it but not always. Does anybody else suffer from something like this?

Well eitherway im glad I got a ride outside instead of on the trainer.


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