Just have to suck up the rain.

So i’ve been itching to start commuting to work again. Rob has agree’d to start looking for commuter bikes with me, which means he’s looking for one of his own as well. Matching set? Who knows. I kind of have a certain bike set up in mind already..just a matter of finding ‘the one’. As I check the forcast though it’s calling for rain all week and even a rain snow mixture mid week!!! Horrid!! After 60 degree peek temps I figured the snow is gone. But its still March.

I have rain gear all but for my head so it would be doable but im not sure if i’m up for rain commuting. Thats gonna take some getting used to personaly. But beggers cant be choosers and I have no say in how the weather turns out. This is Germany after all and it rains ALOT. So I just need to suck it up. We’ll see what monday looks like.

I purchased a heart rate monitor today. I have to mess with it to figure out how it all works but Rob uses one and he said I could probably benefit from one. He also sent me a link www.polarpersonaltrainer.com Neat site that sets up a workout plan for you. You can also download your stats if you use a HR monitor. I did the casual cycling one for now. They’re 4 week training session..you can then change to a harder level after 4 weeks. It leaves room for you to fit in other workout’s during the week.

Tips for dealing with non-cycling friends:



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