Curse the wind.

An off topic complaint…I live in military leased housing off-base and a neighbor across the way always takes there dog outside to use the bathroom in another apartment complex’s yard..then they never pick it up. Im just waiting for the day that the hausemeister see’s them and yells at them. Its gross because kids play in that area during the summer time. Doggy bags people…

So aside from the grouch that the wind has made me today lol…I did 23.71 miles. 3 laps of base. Honestly it was probably more like 2 laps seeing as the wind was so strong it nearly pushed me along the first half of the lap. Which then only made the second half of hte lap pure torture as I was face in the wind. But either way it was quite refreshing. And now i feel i’ve accomplished the days workout. The last lap though I felt my blood suger drop. I got a little dizzy. Didnt really pass till I got home and ate a banana lol. I did eat breakfast so that wasnt it. Maybe I should have ate more.  

I’ve given up focusing on weight loss. I had lost 3lbs only to gain it back again. I figure as long as I keep up with running and biking it will eventually get lost right? Lets hope.

Now my mouth is water with the thought of a nice Weather Center coffee and sandwich…oooo drool. Instead its drip coffee from home and an onion roll sandwich.



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2 responses to “Curse the wind.

  1. Great job fighting the wind! Never a fun task.

    I found that putting a little something in my water bottle like powerade, gatorade, or nuun tablets (my favorite) . . . keeps me hydrated and away from Dizzyland.

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