Smells like spring, jet fuel, and manure

The temps are finaly changing a little. Its been maxing out in the mid 50’s by early afternoon with sun. Yesterday was to chilly for my liking in the morning but was crushed to find out it was to reach 55 by 3pm when I had to work. This morning however it was in the low 50’s..reaching 55 out right now and its noon. Anywho so I snuck in 2 laps of base again. I made a bad mistake of not eating breakfast and felt it right away. I probably could have gotten 3 laps in if I would’ve remember to eat this morning..toast doesnt consititute as a substantial meal lol. Tomorow I’m stuck working morning shift so I wont be biking..probably just gonna do the treadmill.

I’ve been overly sleeply lately. At first I thought i was oversleeping but really im not. I’m usualy asleep by midnight and then my internal clock has me getting up at 8am every morning… I wonder why the drained feeling. Maybe im not eating right for the exercise im getting. Ok actually I know im not. I’ve quit eating hearty breakfasts, typicaly settling for a cup of coffee instead, and I havent been eating lunches..maybe a few munchies. So I think I need to alter a few things…have coffee after breakfast seeing as coffee takes away my hunger and then start making lunches again for work. Guess that means a trip the grocery store this weekend.

I wimped out on the St.P’s 5k run. I just wasnt feeling it. It was cold and I was lazy.



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2 responses to “Smells like spring, jet fuel, and manure

  1. If you dont eat enough you will get tired….Try to drive a car with no fuel……breakfast doesnt have to be a hugh calorie laden feast, but you need something…That is NEED something……

    So wake – EAT, mid morning…maybe something small and lunch EAT…..etc etc……

    I sound like a mother now…..(I am studying nutrition though)

  2. I used to be really good about doing the 3 meals 3 snacks a day. But over the last year I just lost my food rythem lol. Along with that came weight of course. I’ve been doing better though. I used to eat breakfast every single morning until I discovered coffee lol But being active again im noticing that I hadnt been eating breakfast as often.

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