Dear weather, WARM UP!

I find that you cant really trust the weather forcast here. It threatened snow all weekend and it in fact did not snow. A very short 5 min flurry ..if you could even call it that. Temps were pretty much in the 30’s so that still detured me from riding outside all. Temps are supposidly reaching the 50’s this week. Instead I just hit up the treadmill and rode the trainer. I managed to go up a notch in the resistance on the trainer at least. Promising that im making some progress.

Im still unsure if i’ll be doing the 5k St. Patricks day run this wensday. Its a fun run and its free but i hate doing things alone. Especialy fun runs when there’s no competition being had or any goal of the run other than to run it and have fun. How will I have fun w/o friends? Guess I wont know until I wake up wensday if i’ll be doing it or not. I can do a 5k on my own. Plus its still cold out lol. I need to become friends with people that are into exercise. Friends that I have asked here just simply arent into running, or biking or swimming at that. Hm.

I downloaded a new album to ride to. Vampire Weekend by Contra. I need to get some playlists made up for riding this summer. The mountain bike group has started doing group rides now. I was invited by one of the guys. Soon there will be the group road rides. Its looking like I may be getting a mountain bike this year at some point or at least Rob kind of mentioned it. We’ll see what happens. I know he’ll only get it if I actually mountain bike so if I get one then it looks like i’ve taken up another form of biking. I have to get over the fear of falling on my face via tire and root/stone conflict at some point..


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  1. You will make friends on the day….Everyone is your friend on a fun run………mountain biking looks too scary for me.

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