Ooo perdy…

Ok please do not mind the bathroom shot it was convenient at the time. …So this is the new outfit. I love love love the shorts. They are uber comfy!! Jersey feels slightly large but thats because I was impatient and didnt want to wait for a medium to become available. Both by Primal Wear.  I also love how the helmet (Bell Sweep) has a roll adjuster for helmet fit. I think my head looks to small for any helmet. I cant wait to try them out! Unfortunately snow is forcasted for the entire weekend. The entire 3 days I have off from work! What poo!

On a German note, I tried a new beer this evening. Warsteiner Premium Verum. Yummy!



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3 responses to “Ooo perdy…

  1. Janna

    Very nice you are so stylish… Miss you lots.

  2. LOve the way your hellmet matches the kit… look totally professional

  3. Thank you both 🙂 Janna, i would love to visit Florida again so you’ll be seeing me again at some point 😀

    Yes I love this outfit. My favorite colors and I love how it all matches. I dont know enough about cycling teams to go sporting there jersey’s so for now i’ll stick to the decorative ones lol.

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