Oh Spring where are you??

I see it in the budding tree’s and the flowering plants (thought I dont understand how they survive in this cold) but the snow and the cold just dont seem to fit in. Where is the warm weather? I am getting sick of the gym and spending my days indoors. Theres a 5k run in 6 days on base but im thinking I wont being do it. Reason being a big emphasis on being lazy and the cold. I dont have the proper running clothes to keep me warm in the cold temps, just for biking and I dont feel like spending money on that stuff right now. My final essay is due tomorow at noon and thus ends my classes until mid summer so no more multiple trips to base in one day. Starting next week I’ll beginning commuting to work again.

I am currently battling it out with my sugar addiction. I am trying my best to ween myself off the sugar. Its a tough thing to beat especialy when the craps everywhere you turn. I’ve been drinking more water again but havent cut out my soda a day or the bag of candy a day (we’re talking those larger-than-kingsize bags of gummy bears or sour patch kids in one sitting). I need to be more diligent in bringing snacks with me to work so I dont cave in. Im debating giving Stevia a shot. Its a plant based sweetener and its said to have kind of a liquorice taste (which ultimately rules out Rob using it, he hates black liquorice) but its better than sugar or artificial sweeteners.

I am still patiently waiting for my new cycling gear to get here! Everytime I check the mail its just more bike parts of Robs. Poo. Im going to sweet talk him into letting me get a new commuter bike this spring or summer 😀 Wish me luck .


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