On March 6th, 1984

..I was born. You can do the math. Mother nature decided to give me a present of snow when I woke up this morning. It was expected but I was still hoping weather would change and it wouldnt come. I hope it does not damper my plan to drive out to a neighboring town for shopping with a friend. But this also means no riding. Unless I feel like testing the slickness of my non-treaded wheels. Mmmm pass.

Yesterday I did nearly 18 miles (17.55 to be exact). I just did 2 laps of our bases’ perimeter road. It wasnt much warmer than 35 degrees (f) out, a bit windy, but sunny. I was pretty darn exhausted afterwards. My toes and hands were getting cold at the end so I decided against a 3rd lap. I came home and crashed on the couch watching tv the rest of the night. I had no energy to do anything else. This winter was to much of a lazy one and now im paying the price in my post-winter rides. I blame the cold air.

I decided on chinese food as a post ride dinner but realized that was a big mistake. I ordered seaseme chicken with a side of sushi. The sushi was fine but biting in to the seasme chicken was horrendous! I dont know if it was overly deepfried batter or fat taht I was biting into but turned my stomach with the thought so I barely touched it. Definately isnt like chinese food in the states. Granted its a place on base but im not so sure i’m that desperate for chinese food. It also tasted like I was biting into a piece of candy lol. Eh the rice was good at least.

I purchased that get-up i’ve been wanting finaly. Cant wait till it gets here. Im also in the process of signing up to get discounts on some gear from our team sponsors. I’ve been putting it off cause, yea, im lazy. I want a pair of bibshorts and new sunglasses. We’ll see what I find from the stores in there.


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