T to the ailbone, ouchy!

It is soon to be official. I will be purchasing the jersey, shorts and helmet of this set: http://www.teamestrogen.com/prodPW_APHWJ60W.html. My birthday present. Im a blue green lover so im uber excited about this.

In the course of a nights sleep I managed to jack up my tail bone. I dont know what I did or when I did it but it hurts to move, hurts to sit, and hurts to even lay down in certain positions. I was feeling the muscles out and the trouble spot is definately at the tailbone. So much for today’s ride… My husband said this happens to him on occasion if he sits different on his bike. My ride was this past saturday why it wait to affect me 3 days later? I just hope this pain passes so I can get in some rides soons while the weathers been nice.


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