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The roads were against me.

Distance: 17.38 mi
Ride duration: 1:17
Ave Speed: 13.5mph , Max: 26mph
Temp: 54 degrees F  Wind: 17mph gusts.

Ok so I peeked out the window this morning it seemed the clouds were clearing up so I got ready and headed out for a ride. The german weather however did its number it got cloudy again. I managed to get my ride in before it threatened rain though. As I headed out of my town however I forgot that they were doing construction so I had to hammer it as soon as I got the area because it was my lanes turn to pass. This did not farewell seeing as I had only woke up about an hour or so earlier. My lungs burned from the cool air and my legs said F-you. Then further along my route there 2 other minor road constructions which only left lots of mud, dirt, and stones behind. My bike needs a cleaning now.

 Wasnt that bad but now that im done riding im coughing up a horse. I’ve been tested for asthma a few times but there have been no results confirming I have it. I’ve been given inhalers though. Im debating going to the doc here to see if I could get a perscription for my time here. The only time I need it is if I do heavy lap swimming or cycling. Sometimes running will spark it but its never as bad as the other two. I can still breath fine when I get this cough (though there are the rare cases in which I cant)..prob one reason they didnt call it asthma..but I do get pretty wheezy with it. Sometimes a warm tea will settle it but not always. Does anybody else suffer from something like this?

Well eitherway im glad I got a ride outside instead of on the trainer.


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Krista’s Monday-cup-of-joe-links -3/29

Need a boost of cycling motivation? If a 17yrs old has the will power im sure anyone can:

Pick up the latest Bicycle Times magazine and flip to page 25 to enter a sweepstakes to win a Soma Fabrications Buena Vista frame..magazine only, not on website. Entry to be in by april 19th. Short notice I know. Hmm now I could that one as a commuter! However, I do wish it was american made. – – I find it interesting that the guy is an avid cyclist and his wife is a massage therapist…this is sound like what Rob and I future is consisting of lol…Seeing as thats the path I was originaly on.

Ok i’ll admit all links found in the latest issue of Bicycling Times. Like the links then pick up the latest issue. Its a released quarterly.

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Just have to suck up the rain.

So i’ve been itching to start commuting to work again. Rob has agree’d to start looking for commuter bikes with me, which means he’s looking for one of his own as well. Matching set? Who knows. I kind of have a certain bike set up in mind already..just a matter of finding ‘the one’. As I check the forcast though it’s calling for rain all week and even a rain snow mixture mid week!!! Horrid!! After 60 degree peek temps I figured the snow is gone. But its still March.

I have rain gear all but for my head so it would be doable but im not sure if i’m up for rain commuting. Thats gonna take some getting used to personaly. But beggers cant be choosers and I have no say in how the weather turns out. This is Germany after all and it rains ALOT. So I just need to suck it up. We’ll see what monday looks like.

I purchased a heart rate monitor today. I have to mess with it to figure out how it all works but Rob uses one and he said I could probably benefit from one. He also sent me a link Neat site that sets up a workout plan for you. You can also download your stats if you use a HR monitor. I did the casual cycling one for now. They’re 4 week training can then change to a harder level after 4 weeks. It leaves room for you to fit in other workout’s during the week.

Tips for dealing with non-cycling friends:

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Curse the wind.

An off topic complaint…I live in military leased housing off-base and a neighbor across the way always takes there dog outside to use the bathroom in another apartment complex’s yard..then they never pick it up. Im just waiting for the day that the hausemeister see’s them and yells at them. Its gross because kids play in that area during the summer time. Doggy bags people…

So aside from the grouch that the wind has made me today lol…I did 23.71 miles. 3 laps of base. Honestly it was probably more like 2 laps seeing as the wind was so strong it nearly pushed me along the first half of the lap. Which then only made the second half of hte lap pure torture as I was face in the wind. But either way it was quite refreshing. And now i feel i’ve accomplished the days workout. The last lap though I felt my blood suger drop. I got a little dizzy. Didnt really pass till I got home and ate a banana lol. I did eat breakfast so that wasnt it. Maybe I should have ate more.  

I’ve given up focusing on weight loss. I had lost 3lbs only to gain it back again. I figure as long as I keep up with running and biking it will eventually get lost right? Lets hope.

Now my mouth is water with the thought of a nice Weather Center coffee and sandwich…oooo drool. Instead its drip coffee from home and an onion roll sandwich.


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Lungs are strong, legs are mush.

So it seems the time i’ve spent on the treadmill this winter really didnt do much for me. My lungs are as good as can be but my legs got nothing from it. I decided to go for a run outside today since the temps were in the 60’s. The whole time I had no problem as far as being winded or anything its just my legs didnt want to go. They felt like bricks. I think the treadmill was a cheat. It forces you to move your legs but you arent getting the same muscle use than actually having to push your body across the ground seeing as the motored belt does that for you. Even with a base level inclined at 2 it didnt seem to do much. So my first outdoor spring run was for lack of a better word…..shit.

I dont know if this map will show up for those without an account but I map my routes on so I dont forget the distances they are and such. Its 1.78 miles one way. So even if I had to walk a few times to give my legs a break I managed to more miles in one run outdoors than I have on a single treadmill run!! I topped 2 miles each time on the treadmill but did 3.5 miles today. Guess the treadmill really did bore me lol.

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Smells like spring, jet fuel, and manure

The temps are finaly changing a little. Its been maxing out in the mid 50’s by early afternoon with sun. Yesterday was to chilly for my liking in the morning but was crushed to find out it was to reach 55 by 3pm when I had to work. This morning however it was in the low 50’s..reaching 55 out right now and its noon. Anywho so I snuck in 2 laps of base again. I made a bad mistake of not eating breakfast and felt it right away. I probably could have gotten 3 laps in if I would’ve remember to eat this morning..toast doesnt consititute as a substantial meal lol. Tomorow I’m stuck working morning shift so I wont be biking..probably just gonna do the treadmill.

I’ve been overly sleeply lately. At first I thought i was oversleeping but really im not. I’m usualy asleep by midnight and then my internal clock has me getting up at 8am every morning… I wonder why the drained feeling. Maybe im not eating right for the exercise im getting. Ok actually I know im not. I’ve quit eating hearty breakfasts, typicaly settling for a cup of coffee instead, and I havent been eating lunches..maybe a few munchies. So I think I need to alter a few things…have coffee after breakfast seeing as coffee takes away my hunger and then start making lunches again for work. Guess that means a trip the grocery store this weekend.

I wimped out on the St.P’s 5k run. I just wasnt feeling it. It was cold and I was lazy.


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Dear weather, WARM UP!

I find that you cant really trust the weather forcast here. It threatened snow all weekend and it in fact did not snow. A very short 5 min flurry ..if you could even call it that. Temps were pretty much in the 30’s so that still detured me from riding outside all. Temps are supposidly reaching the 50’s this week. Instead I just hit up the treadmill and rode the trainer. I managed to go up a notch in the resistance on the trainer at least. Promising that im making some progress.

Im still unsure if i’ll be doing the 5k St. Patricks day run this wensday. Its a fun run and its free but i hate doing things alone. Especialy fun runs when there’s no competition being had or any goal of the run other than to run it and have fun. How will I have fun w/o friends? Guess I wont know until I wake up wensday if i’ll be doing it or not. I can do a 5k on my own. Plus its still cold out lol. I need to become friends with people that are into exercise. Friends that I have asked here just simply arent into running, or biking or swimming at that. Hm.

I downloaded a new album to ride to. Vampire Weekend by Contra. I need to get some playlists made up for riding this summer. The mountain bike group has started doing group rides now. I was invited by one of the guys. Soon there will be the group road rides. Its looking like I may be getting a mountain bike this year at some point or at least Rob kind of mentioned it. We’ll see what happens. I know he’ll only get it if I actually mountain bike so if I get one then it looks like i’ve taken up another form of biking. I have to get over the fear of falling on my face via tire and root/stone conflict at some point..

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